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We design and manufacturer a broad range of wired and wireless measurement collection solutions, including MobileCollect wireless, GageWay interfaces, and WedgeLink hardware and software keyboard wedges.  Whether you call or email us during business hours before, after or during your purchase, you will always reach a real person directly and your response will be immediate.  We provide unlimited and knowledgeable technical support at no charge on all of the products that we manufacture.  We go the extra mile for our customers, and that's a fact!


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MobileCollect Wireless
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MobileCollect Wireless
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MobileCollect Wireless
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LSIZE for Lumber Size Control

MobileCollect "wireless on the move"

Mobile Modules & Remotes

Mobile Modules and Remotes (transmitters) send measurement data wirelessly to Bases.  Mobile Modules are battery powered and connect to calipers, micrometers, digital indicators, etc.  Remotes are powered by an external power source and connect to gage interfaces, height gages, scales, etc.


Bases (receivers) receive measurement data wirelessly from Mobile Modules and Remotes.  Bases are connected to a PC, laptop, or tablet by a USB or RS-232 port.  All data sent to USB ports appear as standard RS-232 data to your application.

Any Gage - Any Manufacturer

All of our measurement collection products support the broadest range of digital and RS-232 gages, digital indicators, micrometers, height gages, scales, etc. from these manufacturers and many more.

GageWay Interfaces

Single Mitutoyo Interfaces

GageWay SM connects a single Mitutoyo digital gage to an RS-232 serial port or a USB port.  The GageWay SM is powered by the serial or USB port.

Multiple Mitutoyo Interfaces

GageWay Mx4 and Mx8 interfaces connect multiple Mitutoyo gages to an RS-232 or USB port. Two of the ports on the Mx8 can also be used for RS-232 inputs.  Interfaces can be chained to increase the number of inputs.

Multiple Universal Interfaces

GageWay3 and GageWay5 support multiple digital gages (calipers, micrometers, digital indicators, etc.) and RS-232 devices.  Outputs include serial, USB and network.  Interfaces can be chained to increase the number of inputs.


Multiple RS-232 Interfaces

GageWay4 and GageWay6 support multiple serial devices.  Outputs include serial, USB and network.  Interfaces can be chained to increase the number of inputs.

Connecting RS-232 Devices

Connect RS-232 devices to interfaces via direct connection, the LC Cable or the ProCable.  The ProCable can automatically determine the RS-232 baud rate and communication parameters.

WedgeLink Keyboard Wedges



Digital Hardware Wedges

WedgeLink SM and WedgeLink DG transfer data from digital gages (CDI, Federal Maxum, Federal Maxum, Mitutoyo and Ono Sokki) directly into Windows applications such as Excel.

RS-232 Hardware Wedges

WedgeLink HW and WedgeLink SP transfer data from serial devices directly into Windows applications such as Excel.  No setup required for the WedgeLink SP.

Software Keyboard Wedges

WedgeLink software keyboard wedges transfer data from serial devices (serial or USB ports) into Windows applications such as Excel.  Version 3 released February 14, 2014.


Online Stores

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Free Software

Free MicroRidge software to assist you in your data acquisition and serial connection efforts.

Gage Cables & Connections

Learn more about the type of cables required for connecting gages & RS-232 devices and get a better understanding of USB and serial ports.


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