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Looking For Great Quality Control Software?

MicroRidge works closely with many SPC and Quality Control software partners from all over the world. Our specialty is getting the data you need into the software of your choice so you can make data-driven decisions. We don’t make SPC or Quality Control software here at MicroRidge; we leave it to our incredible partners below. Please reach out to our partners directly or let us know if you would like an introduction to one of the following software providers.

Easy to Use SPC Data Collection

In 1983, Prolink embarked on a mission to write a Statistical Process Control (SPC) software program called QC-CALC that would interface with all automatic inspection equipment and manual gages. The core mission was and has always been to create an easy-to-use data collection and analysis software product that requires little to no configuration and creates an immediate return on investment.

Over the past 40 years, they have listened to their customers’ needs and tailored the software accordingly. The goal of the products is to increase awareness of process problems as they occur in real-time via alarms, reporting, monitoring, exports, and live dashboards. In more recent years, Prolink has greatly expanded their enterprise reporting and data visualization products putting data, charts, and reports within reach of any mobile device. The result has been an expanding array of products that automate the process of data collection, reporting and data visualization, saving customers’ time and money. 

Prolink continues to be committed to providing customers with quality software programs, flexible solutions, no hassle technical support, and business partnerships that last.

SPC and Data Collection from the Leaders in Quality

The Mitutoyo MeasurLink® data management software suite provides statistical process control (SPC) that is widely used in manufacturing. The primary function of MeasurLink® is to collect, analyze, and report measurement data from various measurement devices, to help maintain a high level of product quality, enhance operational efficiency, and optimize manufacturing processes. MeasurLink® is made and supported by Mitutoyo at its U.S. headquarters in Aurora, IL. Mitutoyo’s expertise as the leading manufacturer of precision measuring tools and QC equipment has made MeasurLink® a world-class quality data management platform. Use MicroRidge data collection solutions to interface with MeasurLink® for efficient, error-free data collection.

For Quality, Production & Enterprise Insights

For over 40 Years, our Factory Systems team has been providing companies of all sizes with a complete portfolio of SPC and Manufacturing Intelligence solutions that help manage productivity, quality and compliance requirements across their enterprise and critical supplier networks. Over 40 years of quality and production experience developed our products into solutions built and purposefully designed to be effective in a real world use cases and to alleviate the strain in any critical production environment.

MicroRidge helps us connect our data collection systems to our clients most challenging inspection process. Where our system helps our clients enhance their manufacturing processes, MicroRidge allows us to provide that level of manufacturing excellence.

Are you a quality control software provider and what to be a MicroRidge SPC Software Partner? Contact Us to start the conversation!