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Base Receivers

The Bases (receivers) receive measurements from Mobile Modules and Remotes (transmitters).  The Bases are connected to a PC, laptop, or tablet by a USB or RS-232 port.  All data sent to USB ports appear as standard RS-232 data to your application.

Key Features Common to MobileCollect Bases

RF Sniffer determines clear channels for the most reliable operation. Supports an unlimited number of Mobile Modules (transmitters) and Remotes (transmitters). Configured by the MobileCollect Xpress or Extended Setup programs. Field upgradeable firmware. Range is up to 133 feet. You can have several Bases adjacent to each other.  Each Base will only receive data from the Mobile Modules or Remotes that have been paired with the Base. Data sent to the PC consists of ASCII strings that are accepted by virtually all SPC-DAQ software. WedgeLink Xpress keyboard wedge included at no additional charge.

Keyboard Setup for Wedge/USB Base

The default keyboard setting when Wedge/USB Base is shipped from the factory is English (United States, QWERTY).  The keyboard descriptions listed above match the keyboard selection in the Windows Region and Language dialog accessible from the Control Panel. 

Keyboard Transfer Rate
The default setting for the keyboard transfer rate is approximately 72 characters per second.  In some instances, this rate is too fast for the computer that the Wedge/USB Base is connected to.  You have the ability to reduce this rate to approximately 30 or 8 characters per second.

Keyboard Selection
Wedge/US Base emulates the following keyboards:

  • English (United States, QWERTY)
  • English (United Kingdom, QWERTY)
  • French (Belgium, AZERTY)
  • French (France, AZERTY)
  • German (Germany, QWERTZ)
  • Spanish (Mexico, QWERTY)

MobileCollect gives you the greatest range of options and flexibility for configuring your wireless measurement collection.

MobileCollect supports a wide range of digital gages and RS-232 devices from manufacturers including Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Ono Sokki, Fowler, INSIZE, Starrett, Sylvac, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, etc. and our own GageWay line of interfaces.

MobileCollect has been approved for use in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  The radios used in MobileCollect operate in the Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM) frequency band at 2.4 GHz.

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