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GageWay Interfaces


GageWay interfaces connect one or more digital gages and serial devices to a computer port via USB serial, USB keyboard wedge, or RS-232. GageWay interfaces can transfer gage data into any Windows program or SPC/data acquisition software, and are an excellent option for situations where gage mobility is not a requirement.

GageWay interfaces support a wide range of digital gages and serial devices from manufacturers including Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Ono Sokki, Fowler, INSIZE, Starrett, Sylvac, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, etc.

When should I consider using a gage interface?

Gage interfaces are an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for connecting one or more gages to a single computer.  They require physical cables to connect each gage so are best used in situations where gage mobility is not a requirement.  If you need gage mobility beyond 2 meters (6 feet), you should consider a wireless solution instead.

How many GageWay models are available?

The GageWay interface line consists of the GageWay SM, the GageWay KW and the GageWay Pro models.

GageWay SM
Single gage interface used to send data to programs that can monitor a COM port for incoming gage data.  We offer two models – the GageWay SM-U for USB and the GageWay SM-R for DB9 serial computer connection.

GageWay KW
Single gage interface with “keyboard wedge” output.  Used to send data to programs that cannot monitor a COM port (example: Microsoft Excel or Access).  It converts the incoming data into the “keystroke” format required by these programs.  USB computer connection only.

GageWay Pro
Multiple gage interfaces (2-port, 4-port, & 8-port), these models offer outputs compatible with dedicated SPC applications and with programs requiring the keyboard wedge function.  USB and DB9 serial computer connections are available.

Can I send data from a gage into Excel without entering it manually?

General purpose programs like Excel are designed to receive data from the computer keyboard.  To get gage data into these programs, it must first pass through a “keyboard wedge” function that makes Excel think that data is being entered from the keyboard.  All GageWay Pro interfaces include a USB “keyboard wedge” output.  Using this connection to the computer allows the data to go into Excel automatically.

What other types of programs are compatible with GageWay interfaces?

GageWay interfaces can send gage data to any Windows spreadsheet, database, dedicated SPC program, or statistical program (Minitab, LabVIEW).  Data can also be sent into web or cloud-based applications.

What types of gages do you support?

We support a wide variety of gage brands and models from Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Ono Sokki, Fowler, INSIZE, Starrett, Sylvac, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, and many others.  Connect handheld gages (calipers, micrometers), stationary gages (height gages, digital indicators), plus scales or other devices with either digital or RS-232 output.

How do I connect a digital output gage?

You will typically use cables from your gage manufacturer (Mitutoyo, Mahr, etc.) to connect each gage to the GageWay interface.  MicroRidge offers cables for gages that do not have a manufacturer provided solution; you can visit our GageWay Gage Cables Store for more information.

How do I connect an RS-232 output device?

GageWay Pro models only:  There are two options for connecting RS-232 output devices.  To connect into a front panel input, use our LC Cable between the serial cable and the interface input.  Each model also has a DB9 “Multifunction Serial Port” on the back panel; use a DB9 serial cable to plug directly into this port.

You will need to set up the baud rate and communication parameters of each RS-232 device before it can send data.  Each GageWay Pro model includes an “AutoBaud” feature that can automatically set up each device when using the LC Cable.  Use the GageWay Pro Setup program if connecting using the Multifunction Serial Port.

What read modes are available?

All GageWay models offer “single” and “continuous” read modes.  GageWay Pro models offer a total of seven read modes; contact MicroRidge for more information on this feature.

Can I use a foot or hand switch to trigger a gage reading?

All GageWay models include a connection for an external foot or hand switch.  GageWay Pro models have one at each gage input; there are multiple setup options available.

Can I send a software command to trigger a gage reading?

The GageWay SM and GageWay Pro models are compatible with software read commands; contact MicroRidge for more information on this feature.

How do I set up the GageWay interfaces?

Ease of setup is one of the defining benefits of the GageWay interfaces.  The GageWay SM and GageWay KW models are “plug & play” interfaces; no setup is required.  Simply plug your gages into the GageWay interface, connect the interface to your computer, and begin taking measurements.

With the GageWay Pro, the default settings are used for most situations.  We include an easy-to-use, Windows-based, GageWay Pro Setup program should any setup be required.

How do GageWay Pro interfaces connect to my computer?

All GageWay Pro models have two USB outputs.  The “USB serial” output is for SPC applications, the USB “keyboard wedge” output is for spreadsheets, databases, web or cloud applications.  The GageWay Pro4 and Pro8 models also have a DB9 serial output; this output has a variety of uses.

What if I have multiple GageWay Pro interfaces to set up?

The GageWay Pro Setup program allows you to save your setup parameters to a file so they can be quickly copied into other GageWay Pro interfaces.

Can I chain the GageWay Pro interfaces?

Yes, chaining is an available feature on the Pro4 and Pro8 models.  Up to nine GageWay Pro interfaces can be chained.  These can be the same models or a mixture of Pro4 and Pro8 models.  For example, chaining nine Pro8 models will allow 72 gages connected together.

I am just beginning data acquisition.  How can I get started quickly and cost effectively?

Most companies beginning data collection use an internally designed Excel spreadsheet or Access database.  In this case, use a GageWay KW and compatible gage cable to connect your gage to the computer for under $200.  We recommend contacting MicroRidge or one of our resellers to discuss your needs and identify the best solution for your situation and budget.

Can I try your products before purchasing?

You can submit a request for a GageWay Pro Demo Kit from the MicroRidge website.