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WedgeLink Keyboard Wedges

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Product Overview Videos

Automate Your Measurement Collection!

What is the best way to record your measurements from a caliper, lab scale or other device to track quality or produce a report? Watch our short video to learn more.

Overview of WedgeLink Keyboard Wedges

WedgeLink hardware and software keyboard wedges allow data to be transferred to programs not designed to accept data from external gage devices. Excel, Access, Minitab, and web-based programs all require a keyboard wedge to accept gage data.

MicroRidge WedgeLink AT

WedgeLink AT is our most advanced hardware wedge for serial devices. It offers extensive parsing features, plus auto-detect and user-selectable communications parameters. Once the initial setup is completed, this device is as simple for the operator to use as a “plug & play” wedge.

WedgeLink AT Hardware Keyboard Wedge

Auto Baud Rate Detection
This document reviews how the “Auto Baud Rate Detection” feature is used to connect an …
Supported Keyboard Layouts
This document reviews the supported keyboards for the WedgeLink AT.
WedgeLink AT Overview
The WedgeLink AT is a configurable hardware keyboard wedge used to transfer measurement values from …
WedgeLink AT User’s Guide
WedgeLink AT is a hardware keyboard wedge that allows you to transfer RS-232 data into …

WedgeLink SP Hardware Keyboard Wedge

WLNK SP Installation

Hardware keyboard wedge for transferring data from serial devices directly into Windows applications such as Excel. No setup required for the WedgeLink SP.

WedgeLink Software Keyboard Wedges

Use “Find Numeric Value” Feature
How to use the “Find Numeric Value” feature in WedgeLink Standard.

Product Information

How to Choose a WedgeLink Keyboard Wedge
A simple flow chart to help you choose the right MicroRidge KeyBoard Wedge.
WedgeLink Brochure
All Windows programs are designed to accept the characters typed from the computer keyboard.
WedgeLink Spec Sheets
Specification sheets for the WedgeLink Family.