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Setup Programs & Utilities

Setup & Keyboard Wedge Programs

WedgeLink AT Setup

The Setup Program features a series of tabs that allow you to easily configure your desired parsing scheme.  To use the Setup Program, simply connect the USB cable to the Setup Port on the WedgeLink AT and press the “Find the WedgeLink” button on the Setup Program.  When you make changes in the setup parameters, the Setup Program will notify you that you need to send these parameters to WedgeLink AT.

WedgeLink Xpress Keyboard Wedge Program

WedgeLink Xpress is a software keyboard wedge designed to work with MobileCollect Bases. A keyboard wedge reads data from a serial port and passes this data to a PC application in such a manner that the application thinks the data is entered via the keyboard. Keyboard wedges are commonly used with applications such as Microsoft Excel and other data database programs.