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Single Gage Interfaces

The GageWay KW is an interface with a keyboard wedge that supports digital gages from CDI, Mahr Federal, Mitutoyo, Ono Sokki, etc. Other manufacturers also produce gages that have a Mitutoyo compatible output. These include Federal, LMI and others. These gages will also work with GageWay KW.

GageWay SM with RS-232 OutputGageWay SM with RS-232 Output

GageWay SM with RS-232 Output

Single Gage interface with RS-232 output.
GageWay SM with USB OutputGageWay SM with USB Output

GageWay SM with USB Output

Single Gage interface with USB output.
GageWay KW with Keyboard OutputGageWay KW with Keyboard Output

GageWay KW with Keyboard Output

Single Gage interface with keyboard wedge output meaning you can transfer gage readings into any PC application that accepts keyboard input.

GageWay Single Gage Interface Features

MicroRidge GageWay Single Gage Interfaces are designed to be your simplest solution to get data from gage to computer. Perfect for when the project calls for a single device at a station.

For use with digital gages & Mitutoyo compatible output gages.

GageWay SM with RS-232 – Plugs into a DB9 Serial Port and pre-configured to operate at 9600-N-8-1

GageWay SM with USB – Plugs into a USB Serial Port (Virtual ComPort) and pre-configured to operate at 9600-N-8-1

GageWay KW with Keyboard Output – Plugs into a USB port and replicates a Human Interface Machine (HIM, ie a keyboard). Select the KW when the target application is Excel, Access, etc.

All GageWay Single Gage Interfaces support single and continuous read modes and can accommodate and external foot or hand switch.

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