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GageWay Interfaces

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MicroRidge GageWay Pro Interfaces

GageWay Pro Interfaces offer the latest technology for connecting one or more gages to a single computer. Supports all gages. USB Keyboard Wedge and USB Serial Ports are built in. Feature rich and easy to use.

GageWay Single Gage Interfaces

GageWay SM and GageWay KW single gage interfaces offer the latest technology for connecting a single Mitutoyo gage or a gage with Mitutoyo compatible output to a computer. GageWay KW has keyboard wedge built in. Easy to set up and use.

Single Gage Interfaces

GageWay KW Installation

How to use the GageWay KW keyboard wedge to send data from a Mitutoyo caliper or digital indicator to Microsoft Excel.

Multiple Gage Interfaces (GageWay Pro)

Computer Connection Options
Overview of the types of computer connections available on the GageWay Pro.
GageWay Pro User Guide
The GageWay Pro interfaces are the most advanced and feature rich gage interfaces available today.
Supported Keyboard Layouts
GageWay PRO interfaces can be set to support different keyboard layouts. This feature is only …

Product Information

GageWay Interfaces Brochure
GageWay interfaces connect one or more digital gages and serial devices to a single computer …
GageWay Spec Sheets
Specification sheets for the GageWay Family.