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Product Specifications

WedgeLink Product Specification

Keyboard Wedge Model Type Supported Gages & Devices Setup Required PC Connection Read Switch Connector Comments
WedgeLink SP Hardware RS-232 gages and devices at 19.2K, 9600 or 4800 baud No USB Port No 4 specific models available:19.2K-N-8-19600-N-8-19600-E-7-14800-E-7-1 or 2 (also supports gages with the Simplex Opto or Proximity interfaces).
WedgeLink AT Hardware RS-232 gages and devices Yes Yes Use this hardware wedge if you need data parsing or selectable baud rates. Keyboards emulated: US, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico.
WedgeLink Lite Software N/A No Use this software wedge if data parsing is not required. Allows you to add a date/time stamp as a data prefix.
WedgeLink Standard Software N/A Use this software wedge if you need full data parsing capabilities.