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MicroRidge, What do we do?

MicroRidge products transmit measurement data from any gage with SPC output into any software program in real-time, 100% accurately, with the press of a button.

While true, this doesn’t capture all of MicroRidge’s capabilities. Data collection is a critical component of the modern manufacturing process. It helps companies monitor and control costs and ensures the smooth operation of the plant. A significant problem when collecting gage data is that many manufacturing companies employ a variety of gages from different brands. There are other solutions that focus on a single brand or limit the type of software they can interface with. This leads to a variety of fractured systems, or worse no electronic measurement control at all.. MicroRidge is the industry leader in gage compatibility, and we can help by offering a genuinely all-in-one electronic measurement collection solution for the modern plant. All of our products allow for multiple gage brands, models, and applications to feed data to your software/program of choice. We can simplify what was once an error prone and laborious task down to a simple push of a button.

MicroRidge has 3 product lines dedicated to getting data from your gages to the computer:


Software and Hardware Keyboard Wedges with parsing capabilities with the ability to send RS-232 data to any program. Ideal for integrating legacy devices into online platforms, desktop programs, or in house programs/spreadsheets.


Wired interfaces with the ability to interface with 1-72 gages. Advanced onboard features such as auto baud rate detection, data packet parsing/modification, custom remote switching, and multiple data read formats, including TIR. Great for automating your data collection at dedicated QA or inspection stations where the workpiece is brought to the station for inspection.


Wireless product family targeted towards compatibility and flexibility. A 3-part system designed to retain the mobility of hand gages while automating data transfer. MobileCollect eliminates the error-prone process of manually entering data with an industry-tested, robust, and secure local wireless protocol. A simple add-on to handheld gages with an SPC port. Great for automating your data collection directly in process where the operator measures the workpiece in-situ.

By integrating a MicroRidge solution you can ensure efficient and consistent data entry from any of your devices into your SPC program.

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