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Category: News

MobileCollect Selection Tool Updated!

Version 1.1.40 Released The MobileCollect Selection Tool has been updated! Version 1.1.40 was released on November 14th. The MobileCollect Selection Tool is a downloadable Windows 10 & 11 application that…

MicroRidge GageWay Quality Show

MicroRidge, What do we do?

MicroRidge products transmit measurement data from any gage with SPC output into any software program in real-time, 100% accurately, with the press of a button. While true, this doesn’t capture…

CDI Indicators with MobileCollect Inside

MobileCollect Inside At a Glance Chicago Dial Indicators (CDI) has integrated the MobileCollect wireless RM2.4 Radio Module inside the “Long-Range” versions of their new CORE and VRS electronic indicator models….

MobileCollect Wireless Supports U-Wave

U-Wave Compatibility At a GlanceMobileCollect wireless now offers compatibility with U-Wave wireless transmitters.Why did we do this?  While U-Wave is an excellent wireless product, it is not compatible with non-Mitutoyo…