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What software is compatible with MicroRidge?

What software works with MicroRidge? You’ll get the classic sales answer on this one: any software! The reason for this is that we have two methods to input data from our devices into your PC or tablet. We can communicate with your PC or tablet through serial communication or via keyboard wedge.

Serial Communication

Serial communication uses a robust and long-standing protocol to get your data into many SPC software programs that utilize COM ports reliably. A MobileCollect Base or GageWay Pro would be assigned a COM port where the software would look for data coming in. We have options for both USB Serial via a Virtual Com Port or RS-232 Serial with a physical Com Port for both MobileCollect and GageWay products. 

Keyboard Wedge

Keyboard Wedge is our other communication protocol available on both MobileCollect and GageWay. The keyboard wedge emulates an HID or human interface device; in other words, we pretend we’re a keyboard. This lets you get your gage data into Excel, Word, and many cloud-based SPC applications. If it’s a program that allows you to use a keyboard, we can interface with it. We also offer extensive parsing of the data coming in via Keyboard wedge, which we’ll go over in a future blog post.

Thanks for reading, and let us know if you have any questions about turning your gages into smart gages!