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News and Events > GageWay SM Supports New Mitutoyo ID-C/ID-F Indicator

GageWay SM Supports New Mitutoyo ID-C/ID-F Indicator

Firmware Version 4.02

The GageWay SM series is the gold standard of single gage interfaces and it just received a major firmware update that includes additional gage support! The GageWay SM-R and GageWay SM-U models are shipping with new firmware that supports the new Mitutoyo ID-C/ID-F Indicators. This update also adds support for any devices using the new Mitutoyo D2 standard commonly found in their high resolution gages.

How do I update my unit in the field?

The GageWay SM-U and GageWay SM-R are field updatable. Simply head to our Firmware Updates page and download the latest firmware version. From here, run the updater program and be sure to select the correct Serial Port.

I need help updating my unit!

No problem, we’re here to help. Email or call 541-593-1656.