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News and Events > New Mitutoyo ID-C/ID-F Indicator & SF Connector

New Mitutoyo ID-C/ID-F Indicator & SF Connector

06AGL011 Cable (SF Type Connector)

Mitutoyo has recently launched new versions of the ID-C/ID-F indicators that have a new SPC port. Previously, Mitutoyo ID-C/F indicators were using the Type F connector seen on the 905338 cable. Be aware if your client purchased the new Mitutoyo ID-C/F indicators. They will need the 06AGL011 cable for GageWay Interfaces or the MC-M3-06AGL011-6.5 connector for MobileCollect Wireless.

All MobileCollect Transmitters shipping today have updated firmware to be compatible with the new D2 Digimatic data format that offers higher resolution than standard D1 Digimatic. To update RM2.4 MobileCollect Transmitters purchased prior to 6/23/2023 please head to our Firmware Updates page to get the latest firmware. For more information please reach out to