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MobileCollect Wireless Supports U-Wave

U-Wave Compatibility At a Glance
MobileCollect wireless now offers compatibility with U-Wave wireless transmitters.Why did we do this?  While U-Wave is an excellent wireless product, it is not compatible with non-Mitutoyo devices.  Companies that were “Mitutoyo only” when U-Wave was installed, can unexpectedly develop a need to collect data wirelessly from non-Mitutoyo gages.Previously, the only solution was to replace the entire U-Wave system (receivers and transmitters) with a MobileCollect wireless system. 

This financially penalized the end user because even though they would continue using the same Mitutoyo gages, they had to replace all the U-Wave transmitters to be able to add the non-Mitutoyo gages.But now, MobileCollect and U-Wave transmitters can be installed on the same wireless system.  This solution protects a significant portion of a company’s wireless investment because the U-Wave transmitters are still used with the Mitutoyo gages.Here’s how it works.  Simply replace the U-Wave receiver with any MobileCollect Base receiver.  Connect a MobileCollect transmitter to each non-Mitutoyo gage device and pair the U-Wave and MobileCollect transmitters to the new MobileCollect Base receiver.The process to send measurements from U-Wave and MobileCollect transmitters is the same, just press the READ button.  Both transmitters types have LEDs that indicate a successful measurement transfer.Additional information on this new MobileCollect wireless feature is provided below and in the PDF flyer link.  Contact MicroRidge if you have more questions on our U-Wave compatibility feature.


  • Allows U-Wave and MobileCollect wireless transmitters to transmit gage measurements to the same MobileCollect Base receiver.
  • U-Wave customers can add gages from Mahr, Starrett, RS-232 output devices and others to their wireless systems.
  • Compatible with all data collection programs, including MeasurLink.
  • Compatible with U-Wave-T, U-Wave-TM, and U-Wave-TC transmitter models.
  • No modifications to U-Wave transmitters.
  • No additional operator training required.
  • Protects end-user investment in U-Wave transmitters, connectors, and cables.


  • Each U-Wave-R receiver must be replaced with a MobileCollect Base receiver containing the RM2.4 Radio Module.  Base receivers with the RM2.4 Radio Module were introduced in April 2016.
  • Installed MobileCollect Base receivers containing the RM2.4 Radio Module can be field upgraded by the user to add U-Wave compatibility.
  • MobileCollect receivers must have firmware version 5.57 or later.
  • Base receivers with earlier firmware can be updated to version 5.57 in the field by the user.
  • Pair U-Wave transmitter to MobileCollect receiver using Xpress Setup, Extended Setup, or “on-the-fly method (no setup program required).
  • U-Wave output format option added to MobileCollect Xpress Setup and Extended Setup programs.
  • Use Wedge/USB Base receiver to send data into Excel, Access, Minitab, and other programs without keyboard wedge software on your PC.


All U-Wave transmitter models are compatible with all MobileCollect Base receiver models.

  • USB Base
  • USB MicroBase
  • Wedge/USB Base
  • RS-232/USB Base

Setup Programs & Firmware Updates

All MobileCollect wireless product firmware and Setup Programs are available on our website for free download here.

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