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CDI Indicators with MobileCollect Inside

MobileCollect Inside At a Glance

Chicago Dial Indicators (CDI) has integrated the MobileCollect wireless RM2.4 Radio Module inside the “Long-Range” versions of their new CORE and VRS electronic indicator models.

Having the RM2.4 Radio Module inside the gage offers a significant cost savings to the end user because it eliminates purchasing a MobileCollect transmitter and cable.

A MobileCollect system can include a mixture of Mobile Module transmitters, Remote Transmitters, and CDI “Long-Range” indicator models containing the RM2.4 Radio Module.

All data output formats available for MobileCollect Mobile Module and Remote transmitters are also available for the CDI “Long-Range” indicator models.

Additional information is provided below, and in the link to the PDF flyer.  Please contact MicroRidge if you have further questions on the CDI CORE and VRS electronic indicators with integrated MobileCollect Wireless.

 Download the CDI Long-Range flyer



 Download VRS & CORE long-range test results

CDI Long Range Test Results
VRS & CORE “Long Range” models Transmission Range
Core & VRS Flyer
CDI Core & VRS Indicator Flyer

MobileCollect Compatible Bases
The CORE and VRS “Long-Range” models are compatible with all MobileCollect RM2.4 Base receiver models.

  • USB Base
  • USB MicroBase
  • Wedge/USB Base
  • RS-232/USB Base

System Requirements

  • MobileCollect receivers must have firmware version 5.57 or later.
  • Base receivers with earlier firmware can be updated to version 5.57 in the field by the user.

Setup Programs & Firmware Updates

All MobileCollect wireless product firmware and Setup Programs are available on our website for free download here.