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MobileCollect Selection Tool Updated!

Version 1.1.40 Released

The MobileCollect Selection Tool has been updated! Version 1.1.40 was released on November 14th. The MobileCollect Selection Tool is a downloadable Windows 10 & 11 application that allows you to find the correct transmitter cable for the gages you need to connect to the MobileCollect System. You can also generate quotes via the MobileCollect Selection Tool and email those quotes to for processing. In addition to the MobileCollect Selection Tool, we also have a Cable Finder Tool on our website that is excellent if you’re looking for which transmitter cable is needed for the gage you want to connect.

Price Updates

Pricing is up to date on all products in the MobileCollect Selection Tool. Quotes from the MobileCollect Selection Tool will reflect accurate pricing. Send these quotes to for quick processing!

More Supported Gages

We have added support for over 30 additional Gages. The new Mitutoyo ID-C and ID-F indicators have been added along with the new SF style connector cables which uses the new Mitutoyo D2 protocol.