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RS-232 V2 Mobile Module (V2)

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RS-232 V2 Mobile Module (V2)

Part Number: MC-MM-V2

The RS-232 V2 Mobile Module supports RS-232 gages. This Mobile Module is typically used with handheld gages such as calipers, micrometers, etc. that require a standard RS-232 connection.

  • Securely attaches to all handheld gages.
  • LEDs positioned to provide highly visible user feedback.
  • User replaceable gage cable.
  • Range up to 133 feet.
  • Battery life in excess of 500,000 readings.
  • Field upgradeable firmware.
  • Automatically turns itself off after each reading. No power switch required.
  • Read button is rated for 1 million cycles.
  • Gage cable in lengths up to 72″.
  • Use for RS-232 devices that are not supported by the Mini Mobile Module or the Command Mobile Module.

Note:  A gage cable is not included with this Mobile Module.  You must order the appropriate gage cable separately. Refer to the MobileCollect Selection Tool page for additional information.

Compatible Connectors: V2 Connectors


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RS-232 V2 Mobile Module (V2) Gage Connectors

This is what you need to connect your gage to the RS-232 V2 Mobile Module. Don't know what connector you need? Head to the Transmitter Connector page to look your gage up!

RS-232 V2 Connector – Power & Data Gage Cable

RS-232 V2 Connector – Power & Data Gage Cable

RS-232 V2 Mobile Module Connector (V2) for the following gages. Fowler/Bowers Pistol Grips | Fowler/Bowers Electronic Holemikes | Sylvac Quadra Test Electronic Indicators | Sylvac Mini Resistant Electronic Indicator
RS-232 V2 Connector – Proximity Connector

RS-232 V2 Connector – Proximity Connector

RS-232 V2 Mobile Module Connector (V2) for gages (calipers, micrometers, etc) that utilize the Proximity connector. Several brands utilize this connector.
RS-232 V2 Connector – DB9RS-232 V2 Connector – DB9
StandardStandardNull ModemNull Modem
StandardStandardNull ModemNull Modem

RS-232 V2 Connector – DB9

RS-232 V2 Mobile Module Connector (V2) for devices that utilize a DB9 connection.